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    Many thanks to dog*tec who mentioned Dog Books Library in its newsletter!

    We have added 81 new pages and countless new products.

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    I am pleased to bring you content free of charge.
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    Why should I come to Dog Books Library to get dog books, DVDs, videos, and supplies?

    • This site is both an Amazon site and a Dogwise site -- in other words, whatever you purchase here, you can purchase for the same price on Amazon or Dogwise -- with a twist.
    • A portion of the profits from this site goes to the Morris Animal Foundation and the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation for research on diseases of dogs. So please come back often because with each purchase you make, you are contributing to research to better the lives of our best friends.
    • Dog Books Library is a timesaver for you.
    • I have filtered out all the junk that normally comes up when you look for a category on Amazon -- if you want to read about Labrador Retrievers, you don't have to wade through the Labrador Retriever cookie cutters, Labrador Retriever jewelry, treats, etc., dog books and dog products with less than 4 stars, and duplicate entries.
    • Please note -- in order to use this site, you need to turn off AdBlocker so you can link to Amazon and Dogwise.


    And if that's not enough reason to come to Dog Books Library -- The other sites are not very attractive and are boring! I hope you enjoy the humorous photographs and the cozy feeling of this site and that you come back again and again to see what's new and let others know about us, too.

    We are adding new features, including a blog and social media pages where you can comment both on the books and on the site as well as a What's New? section so you can discover what's been added since the last time you were here. Let us know what other features you would like, and we'll do what we can to oblige you.

    And this is only the beginning! I'm going to add more topics, more books, and more products. Again, just let me know what you want, and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

    Who the heck are you?

    My name is Caryl Wolff (my actual birth name -- honest! Was dog training my destiny???). I have been a dog trainer/behavior consultant for 20+ years, am a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the International Association of Animal Behavior Professionals as well as being the first dog trainer who is certified by five different dog training organizations. You can read more about me here.

    Because I try to keep current in dogdom, I read a LOT and watch videos. I am constantly buying dog books. There are several sites that sell discounted dog books, but they are not broken down by topics very well (behavior, training, problems, etc.) -- and I have to wade through a lot of titles before finding something I want. Although the description of the material sounds good, when I receive the books, often I am disappointed in the content.

    How do you choose the items on Dog Books Library?

    When I hear about a new book, I don't know whether it is good or not, especially if a book is written by someone I am not familiar with. Simply seeing the cover, reading its description, and reading the table of contents is not enough. So I generally research the author to determine whether to add the book to my own personal library (which currently numbers well over 1,000 dog books, videos, and DVDs).

    True story -- While doing research for Dog Books Library, I came across a series of very interesting-looking books on aggression from someone in England whom I had never heard of. I looked into the books and her background further and discovered that she had plagiarized the material word for word and illustration for illustration from a well-known American author! I contacted the author who subsequently contacted Amazon, and the fraudulent books are now removed.

    Confession time -- I have not read each book here, seen every video or DVD, or used every single product. However, I have handpicked each book or product on Dog Books Library based on the following criteria

    • I have read the book and/or used the product and I would recommend it.
    • I know of the author and feel comfortable recommending a book that s/he writes.
    • I have read the reviews on Amazon or Dogwise and include those with a 4- or 5-star (or 4- or 5-paw) rating.
    • A fellow dog trainer whose judgment I trust has recommended the book, DVD, or product to me.
    • The books, DVDs, or products were discussed and recommended in one of the many Yahoo Listservs I belong to and read.

    Is it okay if I suggest a book or product?

    Absolutely! Any input is very much appreciated and welcomed. If you have a book that you have written or a product that you have invented, please send it. Please send me an email caryl@DogBooksLibrary.com

    May I offer suggestions about Dog Books Library site itself?

    Again, absolutely! Please let me know how to make this site more user friendly and relevant to you.

    Make yourself at home, and PLEASE ENJOY THE SITE.
    And come back often!


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