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    • by Brian Kilcommons, Sarah Wilson
      The authors of "Good Owners, Great Dogs" provide the straight scoop on selecting the perfect dog for one's lifestyle and personality. Photos.
    • by Daniel F. Tortora
      How to Find the Perfect Match for You... Here is a systematic and enjoyable way to choose a dog. This highly informative and useful book will take the guesswork out of choosing a dog while leaving in the fun. It will tell you about more than 110 breeds and help you to select a dog compatible with your personality, family, and lifestyle. Choosing a dog can become easy and enjoyable as you l   ... More
    • by David Alderton
      This big, handsome volume describes dogs of all sizes, shapes, traits, and personalities. Author David Alderton wants every prospective owner to find the very best dog to fit his or her own personality and lifestyle, and in this book he discusses breeds and their owners under the following categories:

      * Absolute beginners * Family-friendly dogs * Good mixers
      * Dogs for couch potato   ... More
    • by Chris Walkowicz
      Getting a dog is more like getting married than it is like buying a new car or lawnmower--it's a melding of spirits and a lifetime commitment. So, before you take the leap, you'd better make sure that your choice is based on more than a nice smile and a lively tail. And with more than 400 breeds to choose from, it shouldn't be too hard to find the right canine companion for you. Looking for a fun-   ... More
    • by N. Baer
      Is a Springer Spaniel too high-strung for an apartment? Is a Golden Retriever the best choice for a family with young children? This easy-to-use, A-Z guide profiles the behaviors of all breeds recognized by the AKC, as well as a cross-section of mixed breeds. The authors also discuss how to choose the right breeder, how to select a puppy and prepare for its homecoming, and more. Line art.
    • by American Kennel Club
      For more than seventy-five years, The Complete Dog Book has been the premier reference on purebred dogs. Now in its twentieth edition, this treasured guide is an essential volume for every dog owner and owner-to-be.

      Comprehensive and thoughtfully organized, The Complete Dog Book features all 153 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, the official breed standards, breed histories, an   ... More
    • by American Kennel Club
      Meet the Breeds will detail all of the American Kennel Club recognized dog breeds, including information about each breed's history, breed standards, appearance, and temperament. At 216 pages, this comprehensive dog breed guide will dedicate one page to each breed, with AKC approved puppy and adulthood photos of each breed to help the reader recognize the dogs more easily. BowTie Press is working   ... More