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    • The Beginner’s Guide to Flyball covers everything you need to know about the exciting dog sport of flyball, including:

      - How to transform your dog from a beginner to a flyball champion, using positive training techniques and the latest methods
      - How to troubleshoot many of the common flyball training issues and challenges
      - Where to find a flyball club in your area (or   ... More


    • by Flying Dog Press
      Your Athletic Dog is produced by Flying Dog Press, a source of unique information for dog lovers & trainers, and dedicated to a holistic approach to the dog - body, mind and soul. This video focuses on the dog's physical body, and offers viewers a way to assess their dog's athletic abilities & talents, as well as helping them evaluate any potential problems. Veterinarian recommended exercises alo   ... More
    • Would you like to improve your dog's agility performance while helping prevent injuries at the same time? Dogs doing agility and other performance sports need to be treated as athletes. Strength and flexibility are vital. Stretching prepares the body for movement, improving performance on the agility field and aiding in the prevention of common injuries. Learn how to properly stretch your dog from   ... More

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